Cleaning & Maintenance Products
Orpine Boat Soap
Size Part # Price
1 Quart 600 9.50
1 Gallon 601 33.00
*concentrated ( 1 oz. in 3 gallons)
*can be used on wood, epoxy paints, all metals, plastics, & fiberglass
*will not strip wax from boats
*will not leave streaks
*biodegradable & environmentally friendly
*eliminates musty mildew odors & leaves plerasant odor
Cleaning & Maintenance Products
Corrosion Block
Size Part # Price
4 oz. 602 6.95
12 oz 603 12.95
*proven anti - corrosive agent,  penetrant & lubricant.
*kills corrosion & prevents future corrosion.
*frees metal parts that are frozen by rust.
*protects electrical systems & electronics from salt water, moisture & corrosion.
*prevents many other items from corrosion.
*provides a thin protective film of corrosion protection.
*does not leave a sticky, gummy residue that will attract moisture, lint, & dirt.
*contains NO wax, tar, asphalt, silicone, or teflon.
*protects rubber & will extend its life. Corrosion Block will not deteroriate wiring insulation and most plastics.
*you can treat electronics without harming plastic housings & cabinets.