Interlux Epiglass Resin System

The Epiglass system of epoxy resin, hardeners and powder extenders can be used for a wide variety of jobs on a boat.  Epiglass can be made to act as a base for varnish, a glue, a filler or a laminating resin. So if you are considering restoring an old wooden boat, building a new one or simply keeping your boat in a good state of repair, Epiglass can help produce high quality, long lasting results.


Epiglass Resin

In addition to high strength and durability associated with epoxy resins, this unique and easy to use formula offers low odor for working conditions, improved workability to adapt to varying environments, low viscosity for ease of mixing and wet-out. For sheathing or laminating, Epiglass offers excellent wet-out properties allowing a wide range of reinforcements to be used.

Part #  Description Size Price
90G Epoxy Resin Gal. $52.88
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Epiglass Hardeners

The diversified uses for epoxy resin means no single hardener can satisfy all requirements. Epiglass has a simple hardener range to accommodate all uses. The Standard Hardener (HT9002) is the most widely used and is supplied with Epiglass Epoxy Resin as a standard pack. It is suitable for larger jobs like laminating or sheathing or when a longer working time is needed. The Fast Hardener (HT9001) has been formulated to accommodate colder climates or for users that require a faster curing system. Fast Hardener is especially suitable for smaller jobs such as gluing when a short working time is needed.

Part #  Description Size Price
91Q Fast Cure Agent Quart $20.65
91G Fast Cure Agent Gallon $68.30
92Q Std. Cure Agent Quart $20.65
92G Std. Cure Agent Gallon $68.30
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Epiglass Extenders

Glue Powder (HT110) - produces a high strength epoxy glue when mixed with the Epiglass resin mix. The viscosity of the glue can be varied by the volume of Glue Powder added. Glue Powder does not increase the volume of the resin mix. It should also be added to filling and fairing mixtures to improve trowel!ing and feathering properties and to prevent sagging.                                                                                                                                                        Wood Fibers (HT220) - A white cellulose fiber designed for adding to glue mixes when bonding wood and especially for fillet bonding.                                                                                                                                     Lightweight Pairing Powder (HT330) - Made from microballoons which are hollow, Reddish brown phenolic spheres with extremely low density. They produce a lightweight fairing compound for use above the waterline with easy sanding Properties. Glue Powder should also be used in a fairing filler mix to prevent sagging in areas of high build and improve application proper ties. Lightweight Fairing Powder can also be added to glue mixes to give a color to match the darker wood types on interiors.                                                                                                                                 Filler Powder (HT440) - Hollow glass spheres have been specially developed to produce a lightweight, light colored, low density filling material. An extremely low moisture uptake make it ideal for above or below the waterline Filler Powder may also be used for fairing large areas offering economies over the Lightweight Fairing Powder at a slight penalty in weight and sandability. The addition of Glue Powder improves sag resistance and application properties.

Part #  Type Size Price
110Q Glue Powder Quart $5.20
110G Glue Powder Gallon $16.80
220Q Wood Fiber Quart $5.80
220G Wood Fiber Gallon $16.80
330Q Fairing Powder Quart $7.60
330G Fairing Powder Gallon $27.65
440Q Filler Fiber Quart $9.60
440G Filler Fiber Gallon $34.55
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