Epiglass Packs


Epiglass Mini Pack (10.5 Fl. Oz.)

Ideal for small repairs and emergencies.

Part #  Type Price
9312 Fast Cure Pack $8.75
93122 Std. Cure Pack $8.75

Epiglass Hobby Pack (22.4 Fl. Oz.)

Best suited for small construction jobs, models, and larger repairs.

Part # Type Price
650 Fast Cure Pack $13.40
6502 Std. Cure Pack $13.40
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Epiglass Pumps
Size Part # Price
Mini & Hobby Packs HT25 $4.75
Gallon Pumps HT50 $6.23

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Epiglass Solvent

Can be used to dilute epoxy so it can be used as a wood or penetrating sealer.

Part #  Size Price
901P Pint $6.49
901G Gallon $24.88