Finishing Products
PETTIT #7164 White Plastic Surfacer

A fairly heavy bodied, one part compound for filing fastener holes, gouges and fairing up imperfections up to 1/4" deep on bare wood or fiberglass. Sands easily. For use above the waterline only.

Part #  Size Price
7164 Pint $9.84
Pettit Bedding Compound #7908

For bedding hardware to a finished paint or varnish surface, or on wood-to-wood hull joints where gluing is not required or practical. Provides a waterproof seal, dries fairly hard, and is uneffected by heat after setting up.  Color:Natural.

Part #  Size Price
7908 Pint $12.82
Old Salem Bak-V-Spar Varnish

Dries slowly to provide a longer lasting "wet edge" for easier application in warm weather. Thin w/ Petit #12012.

Part #  Size Price
2053P Pint $10.18
2053Q Quart $16.37
Pettit #12120 Brushing Thinner

General-purpose thinner for thinning brushing enamels. Medium- evaporating solvent. Also useful for wiping down surfaces prior to painting.

Part #  Size Price
12120 Quart $6.72

PETTIT #2012 Super Dry Sealer

Seals bare wood. Drying Time 2 hours.

Part #  Size Price
2012 Quart $17.88
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Pettit #12121 Spraying Thinner
Part #  Size Price
12121 Quart $6.90