Interlux Varnish
Clipper Clear Urethane Varnish

A special package of ultraviolet surface stabilizers, |absorbers and antioxidants extends the life of this Ione part polyurethane formula. Clear-not golden like other varnishes-it will not alter the appearance of the wood. High-gloss coating resists damage from chemicals, abrasion and water. Dries overnight. A quart provides 125 sq. ft. of coverage when brushed. Thin with #333 brushing thinner.

Part # Size Price
95P Pint $12.15
95Q Quart $17.84
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       Jet Speed Varnish                

Exceptionally quick drying varnish is ideal when fast buildup coats and quick overcoating are necessary. Under most weather conditions, two coats may be applied in one day. Not recommended for use as a finish coat. Use 333 or 216 thinner.

Part # Size Price
100P Pint $9.90
100Q Quart $12.24
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            Rubbed - Effect Varnish            

  A low-luster varnish designed for interior wood surfaces only. Produces a soft, rich satin sheen which resists scratches and alcohol stains. Use 333 or 216 thinner.            

Part # Size Price
60P Pint $10.19
60Q Quart $14.00
60G Gallon $43.12
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             Schooner Varnish            

Contains ultraviolet filters to screen the sun's damaging rays for remarkable durability. Excellent water resistance and silky application. Superior self-leveling property and a bright, clear gloss. Use 333 or 216 thinner                             .

Part # Size Price
96P Pint $11.93
96Q Quart $15.55
96G Gallon $55.10
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  214 Boatyard Bedding Compound       

For bedding deck hardware, molding cleats, padeyes, transoms, keels, etc. Its surface hardens to accept paint, but remains flexible underneath. Can be applied by putty knife or brush(when thinned with boiled linseed oil). Dries to touch in 40 hours.            

Part # Size Price
214 Pint $7.75
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     Mahogany Paste Wood Filler/Stain

Fills the grain and stains the wood to enhance its natural beauty. Thinner required (#333 brushing liquid) to change paste to paint-like consistency. Pint.                         .

Part # Color Price
42P Brown Mahogany


1579 Red Mahogany $9.00
573P Chris Craft $7.62
1643 Natural $11.44
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          #257 White Surfacing Putty    

       A fast-drying, one-par compound for filling fastener holes, gouges and fairing up minor imperfections on bare wood or fiberglass. Sands easily. Surface should be wiped clean with 216 thinner. Do not apply over painted surfaces.

Part # Size Price
257 Pint $9.84
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     Interlux #30 & #31 Seam Compounds

For filling wooden boat seams. Remains durable and flexible after immersion. Seams must be clean, dry and free of contamination. Prime seams with the antifouling paint to be used over compound.

Part # Size Color Price
30 Pint Brown $7.10
30Q Quart Brown $11.10
31 Pint White $7.75