1015 Captain's Varnish

A high solids marine varnish that is a copolymerization of several different resins and drying oils.

Part # Size Price
1015P Pint $9.45
1015Q Quart $16.00
1015G Gallon $48.82
Z-Spar T-11 Thinner

Slower evaporating thinner than the T-10, allowing a prolonged wet edge helping to eliminate brush marks and laps.

Part # Size Price
T11Q Quart $6.72
T11G Gallon $18.48
2015 Flagship Varnish

Offers the highest U.V. protection available today in a marine varnish. High gloss retention. Brushes, levels and sands with the same characteristics as Captain's Varnish

Part # Size Price
2015P Pint $12.80
2015Q Quart $19.17
2015G Gallon $55.13
Z-Spar S-94 Clear Acrylic Sealer

A fast drying acrylic resin sealer for use on open grain woods such as mahogany before using filler stains. Also helpful on soft woods such as plywood before undercoater is applied. Seals the grain of the wood allowing light sanding of raised grain in a few minutes and uniform penetration of filler stain

Part # Size Price
S94 Quart $15.04
Z-Spar T-10 Thinner

Mediun evaporating thinner used for thinning one- component, solvent borne Z- Spar varnishes, enamels, undercoats and primers for brush applications. In very hot weather, it is used for spraying

Part # Size Price
T10Q Quart $6.72
T10G Gallon $18.48