Richardson Boat Owners Association

Our organization was started in 1973 by Bill Taylor, Bob Castillano, and Jim Finn. Our first elected president was Bill Taylor in 1974. At the time of our first newsletter in 1974 we had 25 members. We have about 160 Regular and 20 Associate members who want to keep the Richardson name well known in the boating world. (over 600 membership plaques have been issued since the organization was founded.) We take pride in our craft knowing that they are not the newest boats on the water, but they are an example of the best boats ever made.

From our constitution, "The purpose of this organization is to promote the preservation of Richardson boats by serving the interest of it's members through fellowship and communication."

We publish 4 newsletters each year, support one annual meeting in conjunction with our international rendezvous, and at least two dinner meetings. We award trophies for Richardsons in outstanding condition at our rendezvous and sponsor trophies for Richardsons entering antique and classic boat shows around the country. We sell pennants, patches and other desirable items for Richarson owners.

We encourage and support the formation of regional chapters for members who live and boat outside the New York State area. The object is to increase the pleasure of owning a Richardson boat through the fellowship of other owners in your area.

A most notable accomplishment is the 190 page book "THE RICHARDSON STORY" by William Lundquist. This book is the result of almost ten years of dedicated effort to preserve the history of a company once famous in the world of pleasure boating. All the company records were destroyed when the company went out of business. Reading the book is an enjoyable as well as educational experience.

A new RBOA project is the International Registry to register, for free, all Richardson boats that can be found. The owner is not obligated to belong to our group. We do it because we want to keep track of the Richardsons.

We are a volunteer organization. Our dues cover the cost of printing the newsletters, buying trophies for rendezvous and other supplies for maintaining the organization.

You are invited to join with us in the enjoyment of belonging to an organization devoted to the preservation of Richardson boats.

An application is available through Southern Crown Boatworks.